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Flicker WorldFlicker World
Big things are happening for Mark Scottsdale. He has just graduated from college and is looking forward to starting a new life with his childhood friend and longtime girlfriend, Lisa. So when an old classmate of his offers him a high-paying job working for a new research facility, Mark jumps at the opportunity.

However, all of his dreams come to an abrupt end when Lisa is taken from him by a drunk driver. Distraught and devoid of a reason to live, Mark contemplates suicide. However, before following through on his dark thoughts, Mark has an epiphany: if he could gain access to his company's secret Flicker World project, he just might be able to see his beloved Lisa again after all.

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Two CalvinTwo Calvin
In this third Zero Calvin novel, Calvin and Tarpa move to Evionia to bring the Ariel system to its inhabitants. But Calvin's life is never so straightforward. Not only must he contend with the day-to-day challenge of being a business owner, but he also finds himself in the middle of a potential war between his new home city and their technophobic neighbors to the west.

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What the Luck?What the Luck?
The story of a man who is down on his luck - until one day, he learns how to control it.

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One CalvinOne Calvin
Once again Calvin is revived by the gang at Bobcorp3. This time he finds himself involved in a complicated love square with Tarpa and two newly-revived cryogenic patients, both of which have been modified to be an organic part of the Ariel system. This does not go well.

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Zero CalvinZero Calvin
Because of an accident and subsequent cryogenic freezing, Calvin is revived hundreds of years later into a futuristic society that is ran by an artificial intelligence named Ariel. Using Ariel, this society has been able to identify and kill the stupidest and the laziest among them, resulting in a civilization of intelligent, hardworking inhabitants - except for Calvin.

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